Veg Out: Five of our favourite vegetarian eateries in Canberra

Eat Canberra

With the vegetarian population expanding and the demand for 1kg steaks decreasing, we’ve witnessed a been a boom in vegetarian cuisine options in our beloved Canberra. Whether you’re a legume-loving activist or a rampant meat enthusiast these five eateries are sure to satisfy all your cravings and leave you feeling completely satisfied. Continue reading Veg Out: Five of our favourite vegetarian eateries in Canberra

Wholefoods Plant-based Feast

Eat Canberra

Eat Canberra and Rainbow Nourishments have joined forces to bring you a wholefoods plant-based feast, the first event of its kind in Canberra! This pop-up dinner will be held at Local Press Café, a Canberra brunch hot spot, and will showcase incredible local wholefood businesses that don’t have a shop front. Continue reading Wholefoods Plant-based Feast

Caramelised beetroot and goats cheese tarts

Eat Canberra

Last week I went on a special tour of the Southside Farmers Market in celebration of their 10th birthday that was celebrated today. I met some of the stallholders, sampled some of the local produce and took home some fresh ingredients to whip up a delicious recipe to share with you.

Beetroot and goats cheese work perfectly together especially when it’s served on a crunchy, buttery piece of pastry. Continue reading Caramelised beetroot and goats cheese tarts

Soup of the week: Green soup with crispy lemongrass tofu

Eat Canberra

I rarely buy magazines anymore especially food magazines. I think there’s a combination of reasons for this. Having access to the internet gives me endless sources of information and recipes, I don’t want to waste paper and have a stack of magazines I have to throw out (I did that for years), my bookshelf of cookbooks need to be used and I like to be creative. But I do love flicking through a magazine occasionally (when I have the time) especially when they’re packed with incredible recipes. Last weekend’s rainy weather kept me housebound where I cooked and ate most of the weekend. When I was doing the grocery shopping I spotted Magazine and the comforting image of pumpkin soup and the text ‘101 cosy recipes’ won me over. Continue reading Soup of the week: Green soup with crispy lemongrass tofu

Lentil and Mushroom Bolognese

The girls I work with at my 9-5 job love and appreciate food (lucky for me) almost as much as I do! So lunch time is always a treat! Smelling the delicious meals as they warm up and asking “What’s for lunch?” is a ritual. A few weeks ago I smelt something particularly delicious as my colleague pulled her lunch from the microwave. “What’s for lunch?” I asked. She told me it was lentil and mushroom Bolognese. I was quite surprised at the answer and instantly intrigued. It smelt ah-mazing! Continue reading Lentil and Mushroom Bolognese