Sydney Cheap Eats

Eat Canberra

Do you ever feel like you can’t go out for a delcious meal because:

A) You’re a poor university student

B) You’re waiting for payday

C) You’ve just been slammed with bills

D) You’re renting in Sydney

If you answered yes to any of the above then you can call me your Sydney Cheap Eats fairy godmother. I can assure you that you that it’s possible to eat out inย Sydney on any day of the week while still maintaining a healthy bank balance. Continue reading Sydney Cheap Eats


Eat Canberra

Move over Melbourne, Sydney is the true winner when it comes to serving up the best meal of the day – breakfast. Thereโ€™s a haven hiding around every corner but my advice is, do your research! Instagram is the perfect stalking tool to avoid breaking the wallet and leaving a cafรฉ with an empty stomach โ€“ sound familiar? To get you started, here are my top 5 breakfast spots in Sydney. Continue reading MY TOP 5 BREAKFAST SPOTS IN SYDNEY