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Amazing things can happen when the love of two sisters and a passion for creating beautiful products come together…

Lulu & Sis is a new Canberra business that brings beautiful, unique and creative cakes and specialty cookies into the lives of many locals. Amy (Lulu) and her sister, Kristin (Sis), work 9-5pm jobs as well as being mothers and running their business baking delicious treats in any spare time they have.

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The ladies are often up until after midnight working on their creations and Amy’s husband often refers the girls as ‘the midnight cookie crafters’. Amy has also been running a cake business for the past 10 years.

Her first memory of baking goes back to when she was about 12 years old.

“I made my mum’s birthday cake with my nan when I was really young and we nearly burnt the house down! We bought a Woolies sponge and covered it in fondant,” Amy said.

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Kristin added that her sister has always been a natural when it came to baking.

“She’s always been amazing in the kitchen and has a gift for baking and creating beautiful products.”

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So how did Lulu & Sis come to life?

About three years ago Kristen found a book by a cookie designer from New York and was automatically drawn to the idea of creating amazing cookies. At this stage she didn’t have the time to do anything about it so she showed her step mum the book and it sparked her interest. Since then their step mum has been baking cookies but only as a special gift to treat her nearest and dearest.

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“The feedback she received was incredible and everyone was asking her how much she wanted for them but she would never accept money. In October 2015 we decided to take the plunge and start Lulu & Sis,” Kristin said.

The girls specialise in making customised sugar cookies for kid’s birthday parties, hen’s parties, weddings, baby showers and any other event you can think of. You can choose from a sugar cookie, chocolate sugar cookie and a gingerbread cookie. I tried the sugar cookie and they taste and smell just as good as they look!

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“We have friends who have previously ordered cookies from Newcastle and Sydney for special occasions so we’re happy that we can provide the Canberra community with something unique,” Kristin said.

One of the newest products launched by Lulu & Sis are the non-toxic pens that kids can use to draw on cookies with a blank canvas. It’s a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained at any event and after they’ve finished drawing they can eat their art!

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Eat Canberra

You can contact Amy and Kristin from Lulu & Sis to come up with a special creation for your next event. Big things are ahead for the lovely dynamic duo and I can’t wait to watch their business grow.

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Contact Lulu & Sis to make an order:

Phone 0416 770 602



Instagram @luluandsis

All images belong to Lulu & Sis.

Check out the Lulu & Sis on Facebook for more photos of their incredible work.

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We’ve teamed up with Lulu & Sis and are giving two lucky readers the chance to win an edible bouquet of flowers! Head to our Facebook and Instagram pages and look for the image below to find out how to enter. Good luck!

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