Creamy cauliflower low-carb soup

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Check out this recipe from Matt, co-founder of Barbell Biltong

Biltong goes great in a soup. This is my Creamy Cauliflower Low-Carb Soup. I’m eating a low carb and high fat diet so all I did for this one was boil some caulis down and add a bunch of cream! I used both coconut cream and some thickened dairy cream. The chilli in The Burn went nicely in this soup.

We spend most of our time dehydrating steaks to create biltong. Ironically, biltong goes great when rehydrated in a big soup. Typically the thicker the soup, the better. If the biltong can float on top then you’ve made it well.

Step 1: Make a soup

Step 2: Drop a bunch of biltong in there

Step 3: Garnish for looks

Step 4: Don’t let it get cold

Matt – Barbell Biltong

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