A Sage Dining Experience

I have been in awe of Sage Dining Rooms since I moved to Canberra. But for a reason unknown to me I haven’t dined there before. I’ve eaten at Courgette and Aubergine in Canberra, Aria in Sydney, The Modern and Marea in New York and other incredible restaurants in Australia, Asia and South America. But Sage remained on my ‘to eat’ list, until recently.

I’m always so excited and intrigued when I go to fine dining restaurants. I love the beautifully plated dishes that look like masterpieces on a plate with a combination of flavours and concepts you’ve never imagined. I love the sense of amazement I feel as the wait staff explain the dish and all of it’s components as they place the faultless plane in front of me. Continue reading A Sage Dining Experience

Homemade granola

Eat Canberra

I had a craving for granola this morning and was going to go to the shops to buy some BUT I had everything I needed in the cupboard so I made it instead. So yummy, so delicious and there are so many things you can do with it! It’s also simple and if you buy the ingredients in bulk you can make lots of batches and it can work out to be cheaper then buying it already packaged.  Continue reading Homemade granola

Dairy-free iced coconut coffee

Eat Canberra

Are you a coffee lover? I am and I’m lucky that we have our own espresso machine and Mr Eat Canberra makes me coffee everyday. But I don’t like milky coffee and sometimes I feel like I need to give my body a break from milk. After a trip to Byron Bay last week I was feeling inspired to recreate something I tried. So last night I put in my order for a double espresso shot instead of my usual latte.

Continue reading Dairy-free iced coconut coffee

Valentine’s Day in Canberra

Eat Canberra

How do you tell the love of your life how much you love them? With food of course!

The ‘day of love’ is fast approaching so if you want to take your lover out to dinner in Canberra check out my these suggestions for a romantic evening and amazing food. Also, make sure you book ASAP! Continue reading Valentine’s Day in Canberra