Sweet Potato Gnocchi by Lola Berry

Eat Canberra

I love food! I love good food, bad food, raw food and cooked food. I love it all! I’m all about eating a balanced diet and while I indulge sometimes, I definitely don’t do it every day. I’m all for trying new and different things and have never been on a ‘diet’. I love food to much to restrict myself and instead I believe in eating everything in moderation.

On the weekend I was lucky enough to meet Lola Berry at her wellness workshop at the Canberra Centre. Lola spoke about all things health and wellness. She has published a number of cook books and after feeling super inspired from meeting her I made ‘Sweet potato gnocchi with kale pesto and pine nuts’ from her book, The Happy Cookbook. It was delicious!

Do you follow a certain diet? What works for you?

Read about Lola Berry’s health and wellness journey and her philosophy on life as well as health and wellness tips at The Balancing Act.