Il Covo – a hidden gem in Canberra

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Winter in Canberra is a truly beautiful time of year. The leaves have fallen and there is a definite winter chill in the air. Dishes are becoming richer, and Canberrans are searching for mid-week feasts to stay warm. Winter is also a time to celebrate fresh seasonal produce, and that is exactly what Il Covo did recently at their pear-themed dinner.

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Chef of the Month: Damian Brabender

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Food, food, glorious food. We all know that Canberra is home to some pretty amazing restaurants, cafes, pubs and everything in between. These establishments  offer an incredible selection of high quality food using local, fresh produce.

We all love a good #foodpic but what about the masterminds and creators behind the food you see, eat and salivate over? The ones who spends hours creating menus to tantalise your tastebuds and bring plates of food art to your table that makes you “ooh” and “ahh”. That’s right, I’m talking about the chefs.

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An exquisite evening at the luxurious Hyatt Hotel Canberra

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Truffle – a strong-smelling underground fungus that resembles an irregular, rough-skinned potato. While it doesn’t sound very appealing these balls of fungus are a culinary delight and just a slither can transform a dish from ordinary to extraordinary. The average truffle weighs 30-60g and can cost anywhere from $30-$75 but a little goes a long way. Truffles are featured on the finest menus in Canberra, Australia, Paris, New York and around the world. You will see them everywhere at the moment because June marked the beginning of truffle season in Canberra. Continue reading An exquisite evening at the luxurious Hyatt Hotel Canberra