Cocowhip arrives in Canberra

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FOOD NEWS! Cocowhip has FINALLY arrived in Canberra and you can find it at Sweet Bones, the vegan and organic cafe and bakery in Braddon. I have been waiting for this day for so long and I’m excited that the time has come! Wait until you see the amazing creations the Sweet Bones team come up with. Read this article until the end to find out.  Continue reading Cocowhip arrives in Canberra

Soup of the week: Green soup with crispy lemongrass tofu

Eat Canberra

I rarely buy magazines anymore especially food magazines. I think there’s a combination of reasons for this. Having access to the internet gives me endless sources of information and recipes, I don’t want to waste paper and have a stack of magazines I have to throw out (I did that for years), my bookshelf of cookbooks need to be used and I like to be creative. But I do love flicking through a magazine occasionally (when I have the time) especially when they’re packed with incredible recipes. Last weekend’s rainy weather kept me housebound where I cooked and ate most of the weekend. When I was doing the grocery shopping I spotted Magazine and the comforting image of pumpkin soup and the text ‘101 cosy recipes’ won me over. Continue reading Soup of the week: Green soup with crispy lemongrass tofu

Dairy-free iced coconut coffee

Eat Canberra

Are you a coffee lover? I am and I’m lucky that we have our own espresso machine and Mr Eat Canberra makes me coffee everyday. But I don’t like milky coffee and sometimes I feel like I need to give my body a break from milk. After a trip to Byron Bay last week I was feeling inspired to recreate something I tried. So last night I put in my order for a double espresso shot instead of my usual latte.

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