4 new places to try for breakfast, brunch or lunch in Canberra


There are new places opening up in Canberra quicker than I can eat my way through my ‘to eat’ list! In the past few months Canberra has welcomed more new eateries to our growing food scene and they’re dishing up some delicious options for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Surprise, surprise, they aren’t all in Braddon! If you’re in Canberra then now might be the perfect time to try some of these new hots spots. Many Canberrans are still out of town so it might be a little quieter.

Sunday in Canberra

Sunday in Canberra is a gorgeous little café in Gungahlin and I think it’s a much-needed addition to Gungahlin’s café scene! The space is really cool and they have a selection of breakfast, brunch and lunch options. They’re open every day except Tuesday and you can go there for dinner on Friday and Saturday. The menu is small but there’s some delicious sounding dishes on offer. I’ve only had a coffee from here but I’m keen to go back and try the food! It might be the ideal spot for Sunday brunch in Canberra….

Eat Canberra
Photo via @sundayincanberra on Instagram.


Do you remember the Loading Zone that was tucked away behind the Melbourne Building in Odgers Laneway? It hasn’t been operating for a while now but Meadow has recently taken its place. Meadow offers an all-day brunch menu and is all about local produce and sustainability. They offer a vegetarian menu that sounds and looks delicious! Meadow is open Mon-Sat but are closed Sunday.

Meadow roll + milk coffee. Photo via @meadowlifecbr on Instagram.
Meadow taco. Photo via @meadowlifecbr on Instagram.


Highroad is proving to be very popular (as expected) and is breathing new life in Dickson. High Road is located in the corner space that was previously SubUrban and the team behind it is the same team behind ONA Coffee. Highroad is open for breakfast and lunch 7 days and for dinner from Wednesday-Sunday.

Mushroom with poached egg, hummus, buckwheat, wattle seed cracker on a blue cheese scone. Photo via @highroad.cbr on Instagram.


Baked on Mort

Baked on Mort is the new venture from the owner of French bistro Les Bistomes that’s located across the road. They’re dishing up some amazing French baked goodness, including the epic Bragel and Baked on Mort is all about the Bragel! So, what is a Bragel you ask? A Bragel is what you get when a bagel and a brioche bun decide to have a baby – amazing!

Photo via @bakedonmort on Instragram.

I’ll be trying some of these places in the next week so I’ll report back! Keep your eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

Feature photo: Avocado and vegemite ricotta via @highroad.cbr on Instagram. 

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