Must try burgers in Canberra

Who doesn’t love a good burger?! There’s something about deliciously tasty (and sometimes indulgent) fillings sandwiched between a soft bread roll that has sent Canberra and the world a little burger mad. I’m guilty of eating a few burgers out each month and we also make a killer burger at home (I’ll share the recipe with you soon). You can pack so much flavour in a burger and it’s so satisfying holding a juicy burger in your hands and devouring every last mouthful. We’ve put together a list of burgers and burger joints that we think you should check out in Canberra. Some places are dedicated burger joints and others have one or more ‘must try’ burgers on their menu! WARNING: Drool-worthy images ahead.

Grease Monkey

I love a Grease Monkey burger. I also love their fries with extra seasoning, their fried chicken AND the mac n cheese bites! Okay, let’s just say I love Grease Monkey in general. I always go with the Greasy, it’s not huge but it’s simple and super delicious. They have a good selection of other burgers to choose from and there’s always a special burger on the board.

Photo by @rarelyseen on Instagram.

Little Oink

I have three words for all of the bacon lovers out there. Bacon. Schnitzel. Burger. This is the best invention! Imagine crumbed bacon on a burger with avocado, tomato, lettuce, and aioli on a brioche bun…. It’s seriously yum and it makes me smile just thinking about it! This Schnitzel’s Bacon Me Thirsty (yep, that’s what it’s called) is a burger you NEED to try.

As You Like It Café & Bar

Anyone for a Dorito-crusted chicken burger? Well you can get it from As You Like it Café & Bar, located at The Street Theatre. I’m not a fan of pineapple on burgers so I got mine without and it was delicious. They also had a special chilli Kettle Chips crusted chicken burger on the menu recently so I’m sure they will come up some more unique burger options! Crispy fried chicken coated in chips? Take my money!


Have you had a Shake Shack burger? They are seriously delicious and the chain restaurants can be found throughout America, Japan, the UK and other parts of the world. Their burgers are simple and there’s something about them that keeps you going back for more and maybe even having a dream or two about them….. Mookie is the newest burger joint in Canberra and offers a small but satisfying menu. The owners found inspiration from the famous Shake Shack and other burger joints around the world. The beef burger is made from 100% pure grass fed black angus beef and the Mookie sauce completes the burger. You also need to try the Shroom Burger – house-marinated Portobello mushroom stuffed with cheddar cheese. I would turn vegetarian if it meant I could eat one of these burgers every day! Mookie also offers a vegan burger and has gluten-free options available.


Brodburger is well known by Canberrans and visitors from afar and was recently voted by the public as Canberra’s signature dish via the RiotACT. Instagrammer @spoonfullofcanberra says that Brodburger is one of her favourite places for a burger in Canberra. She can’t get enough of the juicy Deluxe Burger with double meat, double cheese, double egg and double bacon. “The Deluxe Burger is the biggest burger you can get off the menu at Brodburger. It’s full on but it’s such a delicious burger and it’s definitely worth the #foodcoma you go into after eating it!”

Photo @spoonfullofcanberra on Instagram.

Lazy Su

Baos (steamed Chinese bread rolls) stuffed with a range of fillings including pork belly, marinated tofu, beef brisket and duck, have been a popular menu item for a while now. But Lazy Su on Canberra’s popular Lonsdale St in Braddon have taken baos up a notch. The bao-gers are smaller than a regular burger and bigger than a standard boa. You eat them like a burger and there are 3 different fillings to choose from, including a vegan bao-ger. I’ve had the chicken one and it was so crispy and seriously delicious!

Soul Cartel

You can get some Soul Cartel goodness from their food truck at The Hamlet or from their Farr Side Café in Isaacs. The team at Soul Cartel are all about bringing Canberrans the best New Orleans inspired soul food, highlighting the Cajun and creole flavours that are so special to that N’awlins style! They have a range of burgers to add to you ‘to eat’ list. There are more options on the menu at their café but you’ll still find something to love at either of their locations! I tried the buffalo chicken burger and it was so good. They also do burgers like the South West burger. Instagrammer @hulksmashfood had it when he visited Canberra with @isaac_eatsalot recently. If you’re a member of the Burger Collective then you can also get a free side of fries when you visit Soul Cartel’s Farr Side Cafe.

Photo by @hulksmashfood on Instagram.


I didn’t realise that Elemental dishes up some epic burgers until I saw a recent Instagram post from @issac_eatsalot. This guy has tried some pretty amazing burgers and eats ALL the indulgent food you can possibly imagine. On his most recent trip to Canberra he ticked a few more burgers off his list. He told me that Elemental in Braddon is one of his favourite spots for a burger in Canberra. The fact that they use Pialligo bacon is one of the reasons he loves their burgers so much! He recently had this insane looking KRISPY KREME BURGER – 2 x Krispy Kreme original glaze, pork crackle, bacon jam, double beef, double cheese, double bacon, onion rings. Enough said.

Image by @issac_eatsalot on Instagram.

Ace High Eatery & Bar

I’ve been searching for some south side hot spots, hidden gems and old favourites recently and discovered Ace High Eatery & Bar. Their burgers start from $9 and they have more than 20 burgers to choose from including the ‘hang over burger’ and pizza burgers! I had the Ace high burger and had trouble finishing it. It’s a BIG burger. They’re homely, tasty burgers and there are two sizes available so if you’re not feeling up to a big one then you can go with the smaller version. They also have hot dogs and sides available. Try their buffalo wings,  they might even be THE BEST buffalo wings I’ve had in Canberra and they took me straight back to America!

Where’s your favourite place to get a burger in Canberra and what’s your favourite burger?


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