Cocowhip arrives in Canberra

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FOOD NEWS! Cocowhip has FINALLY arrived in Canberra and you can find it at Sweet Bones, the vegan and organic cafe and bakery in Braddon. I have been waiting for this day for so long and I’m excited that the time has come! Wait until you see the amazing creations the Sweet Bones team come up with. Read this article until the end to find out. 

I first tried Cocowhip where it originated from, BSKT Cafe on the Gold Coast – one of my faves up that way – and have also had it at Blue Door in Newcastle – one of my faves in Newie.

Cocowhip is a vegan product and it’s also dairy free, refined sugar free and gluten free. It’s also seriously delicious and it’s usually topped with yummy raw treats, muesli or fruit. It was also created in Australia!

I caught up with Selasi Berdie co-creator of Cocowhip and co-owner of the amazing BSKT Cafe a while ago to find out more about Cocowhip and the inspiration behind the product.

“Danny [co-creator of Cocowhip and co-owner of BSKT] and I have a background in product development and realised there was a gap in the soft serve market when we wanted a healthy ice cream alternative for our restaurant.

“We’ve been making products with coconuts as the base for some time. It’s the most versatile ingredient in the world so we put our heads together and got to work on Cocowhip,” he said.

Cocowhip is made from a variety of coconut ingredients including water, coconut oils, freeze-dried coconut powders and plant stabilisers.

Eat Canberra

“Each Cocowhip serve has a 10billion CFU count which is up to 10 serves of yoghurt in regards to healthy bacteria. It’s also a great electrolyte source while being very low in calories,” Berdie added.

Berdie started with the creation of the original Cocowhip but there’s now a range of flavours including African mango and turmeric, super berry, cacao bliss and minty matcha.

See below for the delicious options you’ll find at Sweet Bones using the original Cocowhip. I want them all and can’t wait to try them!! Cocowhip is totally acceptable for lunch, right?

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