Hot cocktails to cool you down this Summer

Eat Canberra

I saw photos from Melbourne, Sydney and NYC of the trending frosé (frozen rose) doing the rounds on social media over the past month. So I didn’t think twice about ordering one when I saw it on the menu in New Zealand last month. I LOVE frozen cocktails in Summer! I’m originally from Queensland where you can easily drink them all year. In Canberra they’re even better because we only get a few good months to appreciate the refreshing icy cold, frozen alcoholic treats. I’ve found three hot cocktails to keep you cool this Summer!

Poptails at Hopscotch

I first saw photos of poptails being posted by trendy bars and celebs in the incredible NYC! So when Hopscotch introduced them last year I was pretty excited. They’re back again this Summer and you can choose from three flavours including fresh gin and cucumber, delicious raspberry and sweet pina colada.

Eat Canberra
Photo by @hopscotch05 on Instagram

Frosé at Grease Monkey

I was pretty excited to see that one of my favourite burger joints in Canberra has introduced this deliciously sweet and refreshing Summer refreshment to their menu! This is the first frosé I’ve spotted in Canberra so if you know where else we can get it them leave a comment below.

Eat Canberra
Photo by @greasemonkeycanberra on Instagram

Cocktail popsicles at Frugii

John Marshall (aka Mr Frugii) is a creative genius. I was at his first ice cream making workshop recently and got to try one of his gin and tonic popsicles. The frozen popsicle was deliciously refreshing and perfect in this Summer heat! Frugii has a few other cocktail popsicles in their freezer so don’t forget to ask about them next time your in the laboratory.

Eat Canberra

I made popsicles for our New Year’s celebration so if you want to make them at home check out these recipes. If you leave it until the last minute and don’t have time for them to freeze then pick up some dry ice pellets (you can get them from Gas & Gear in Fyshwick) and put it in an esky with your poptails for a few minutes. They’ll come out frozen and ready to cool you down! Thanks to Mr Frugii for the tip 😉

Have you got a frozen cocktail you want to add to the list? Leave a comment and tell us what it is and where we can get it!