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Move over Melbourne, Sydney is the true winner when it comes to serving up the best meal of the day – breakfast. There’s a haven hiding around every corner but my advice is, do your research! Instagram is the perfect stalking tool to avoid breaking the wallet and leaving a café with an empty stomach – sound familiar? To get you started, here are my top 5 breakfast spots in Sydney.

Cuckoo Calley – Newtown 

Bacon, bacon, bacon. If you thought you couldn’t have bacon with everything, think again. Situated in the hipster central of Newtown, Cuckoo Calley takes creativity to the next level teaming mac n cheese with bacon and eggs in a croissant for the ultimate Sunday morning recovery. Plus your pooch is invited to breakfast too.

Order tip: Maple bacon and Bacon Ice Cream on Waffles with Blueberries

Photo credit: @eatingupwiththehannashians on Instagram

Eat Canberra

The Tiny Giant Petersham – Petersham

Formerly known as The Grumpy Barista, this pint size café makes up for what it lacks in size with character. The vintage décor and comforting dishes will make you feel right at home. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of peas like me, I can’t help but recommend the ‘Prosciutto & Peas’ combination enough.

Order tip: Prosciutto and Peas

Eat Canberra

Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously – Surry Hills

Two words – Egg waffles.

Think of it as having your cake and eating it too. You can indulge in the famous egg waffles without the post guilt trip and sugar coma. On top of that, they personally tailor your brew to suit you, through aroma, acidity, sweetness, body & aftertaste. Where else can you do that?

Order tip: Buttered Banana & Nutella Egg Waffles

Eat Canberra

John Smith Café – Waterloo

Blink and you’ll miss it. Situated on a relatively quiet corner on Botany Road, it’s not the most picturesque of views but the food is worth it. If you’re obsessed with avocado – and let’s be honest, who isn’t?! – then you’ll love this place as much as I do. They offer not just one, but a selection of avocado dishes. My personal recommendation is the Spicy Avo with Goats Cheese, plus it’s so photogenic, right?!

Order tip: Spicy Avo with Goats Cheese

Eat Canberra

Speedos Café – Bondi

Just take one look at their Instagram page and you’ll be hooked. This is the café that ticks all the boxes. It’s not just the views of Bondi Beach that catch the eye, Speedos plates up the most beautiful looking dishes which are equally delicious and mostly healthy. But if you are feeling a little naughty, you can treat yourself to their extensive range of cheeky donuts.

Order tip: Vegan Burger

Eat Canberra

About the Author:

Eat CanberraSarah Miller is a Sydney based Radio Announcer with an obsession for food. She also lived in Canberra for 18 months working at a local radio station. When she’s not spinning the hottest hits, she’s scoping out the best places to eat and drink in Sydney. If it has avocado or bacon, it’s on the list. 

Find Sarah at @sydneybreakfastbucketlist on Instagram!