Canberra’s best cakes

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Special occasions call for special cakes and we’re lucky enough to have some fabulously talented people and food establishments where you can buy amazing cakes from.

So we’ve done the research for you and put together a round up of places you can get your next cake for a birthday, baby shower, farewell, wedding or any celebration that calls for something spectacular.

Ricardo’s Cafe

Ricardo’s has been a favourite of mine for years. I’ve ordered big cakes from here before and sometimes we’ll get a variety of smaller cakes if we’re celebrating a birthday. It’s a great way to try a bit of everything, if you don’t mind sharing… Located in the Jamison shopping centre, they’re always super busy and offer great breakfast or lunch options. I always refer to Ricardo’s owner, Ricardo De’Marco as Canberra’s very own Adriano Zumbo. They even have cronuts and they are ah-mazing! You can also order big cakes from their other café Space Kitchen, located in Phillip. Check out their website for more information.

Eat Canberra
Photo from Ricardo’s Cafe on Instagram.

Pip and Lou

I always lust after Pip and Lou’s creations. These are designer cakes at their finest and Camille, the cake designer behind Pip and Lou isn’t afraid to try new things. The colours and concepts from Pip and Lou are so unique so if you’re after a one of a kind cake then this is where you’ll find it. They also make yummy looking chocolates and cupcakes. Check them out on Instagram.

Eat Canberra
Photo from Pip and Lou on Instagram.

La Sable Patisserie

La Sable is located in Mitchell and they whip up some pretty delicious croissants, pies and smaller cakes as well as larger cakes. Mr Eat Canberra is a regular here because he works close by! You can get a really reasonably priced cake from La Sable that tastes as good as it looks. The Madagascan is a popular choice and I know why. We’ve ordered it twice and the layers of salted caramel and while chocolate mousse will take you to cake heaven. It’s really good value for only $50. You could easily get 15+ smaller pieces out of this one. Check out La Sable on Facebook to see more of the cakes on offer.

Eat Canberra
The amazing Madagascan cake. Photo from La Sable on Instagram.

The Flute Bakery

The Flute Bakery is a cute little café located in Fyshwick. They make delicious breads, pies, macarons and smaller and larger cakes. They offer a range of edible artworks from $40 and while you’re out there make sure you pick up some of their macarons. Check out their website for more information and a full decriptions and price list for their cakes.

Eat Canberra
Photo by Instagrammer @amylwoods


Oh patissez you drive me crazy! The creator’s of the well known FreakShakealso make exquisite, freaky cakes that are sure to wow anyone who sets their eyes on them. They’re insane! For $100 you can get a cake that will easily feed 30 people. You only need a small slice because they’re so decadent. These guys will create something so special that you’ll be stumped for words. I attended the grand opening of their flagship store last year and it was incredible. Patissez have a store in the city and Manuka. Check out Patissez on Instagram or contact them via their website so you can design a cake that meets your needs.

Eat Canberra
Photo by Eat Canberra at the grand opening for the Patissez flagship store.

Bella’s Cakery

Bella’s Cakery offers a range of cakes, cupcakes and cookies for all occasions as well as dessert catering. Check Bella’s Cakery out on Instagram for more photos of her delicious creations and details.

Eat Canberra
Photo from Bella’s Cakery on Instagram.

So foodie friends from far and near where do you get your special occasion cakes from?

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