Fig and prosciutto salad

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It’s fig season and I’m so excited! I picked a big bowl of figs last weekend and came up with a few fabulous figgy recipes. As a result I was a figgy piggy and I loved it!


This simple and delicious salad is the perfect side for grilled chicken or any grilled meat or vegetables. We had it with grilled chicken I marinated in garlic and olive oil with some small boiled potatoes that I squashed and threw on the BBQ to crisp them up.

Fig and prosciutto salad


Honey mustard dressing

3 tbsp cider vinegar

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp wholegrain mustard

1 tsp honey


6 slices prosciutto

3 handfuls of rocket leaves

4 large figs (each cut into 6 pieces)

150g good quality soft goat cheese (I used goats cheese with Italian black truffle)

What now?

  1. Add all of the ingredients for the dressing in a small bowl and mix until well combine, set aside.
  2. Place a non-stick fry pan on medium heat and cook each piece of prosciutto until crisp, this should only take a few minutes. Place on a paper towel to cool and set aside.
  3. Rinse the rocket leaves and place in a salad bowl.
  4. Cut your figs into 6 pieces and add to the rocket leaves.
  5. Break the prosciutto up in small pieces and add to the salad.
  6. Crumble to goats cheese on top and add the dressing. Toss lightly and serve with grilled meats or vegetables and some baked potatoes or sweet potatoes.

Eat Canberra


What are your favourite things to make or eat with figs?