Sweet Potato Gnocchi by Lola Berry

Eat Canberra

I love food! I love good food, bad food, raw food and cooked food. I love it all! I’m all about eating a balanced diet and while I indulge sometimes, I definitely don’t do it every day. I’m all for trying new and different things and have never been on a ‘diet’. I love food to much to restrict myself and instead I believe in eating everything in moderation. Continue reading Sweet Potato Gnocchi by Lola Berry

Hoi Polloi at Old Parliament House

Eat Canberra

Last week Mr Eat Canberra and I went to the media launch for Hoi Polloi, the new restaurant at Old Parliament House. It was a fun night filled with delicious food and a #pollieburger competition. Everything about the night was unique! Ten other food bloggers and I entered the competition for our chance to have our burger featured on the menu with a possibility of it becoming a permanent item on the menu. Continue reading Hoi Polloi at Old Parliament House

Lentil and Mushroom Bolognese

The girls I work with at my 9-5 job love and appreciate food (lucky for me) almost as much as I do! So lunch time is always a treat! Smelling the delicious meals as they warm up and asking “What’s for lunch?” is a ritual. A few weeks ago I smelt something particularly delicious as my colleague pulled her lunch from the microwave. “What’s for lunch?” I asked. She told me it was lentil and mushroom Bolognese. I was quite surprised at the answer and instantly intrigued. It smelt ah-mazing! Continue reading Lentil and Mushroom Bolognese